Experience Makes the Difference!
Cheryl Jordan


First Time Homebuyers or Move-Up Buyers

Buying a home is an exciting time in your life! Making a smart move when choosing a Realtor is the first step to ensuring that your New Home and Community meets your needs! Below is a list of services that I will provide during the home buying process to help you find the perfect home and make your home buying experience a great one!


1.  I will help you decide if home ownership is for you or if you would prefer to rent.

2. I will help you decide how much home you can afford and if you are comfortable with the payment.

3. I will help with the selection of a Lender/Mortgage Company and get you pre-qualified for your loan.

4. I will based on your pre-qualification provide you with a list of homes and neighborhoods to view and allow you sufficient time to decide which home would be right for you.

5.  I will after you have selected a home, provide you with sufficient information on other comparable properties to ensure you will not overpay for your new home.

6.  I will write an offer to purchase and make sure it reaches all appropriate parties.

7. I will keep you up-to-date and notify you as soon as your offer is accepted or a counter offer is received.

8.  I will place your good faith deposit with our Closing Company  to ensure your money is protected.

9. I will schedule all necessary inspections on your new home and make sure all parties are notified.

10. I will make sure your offer allows for a refund of your good faith deposit if any inspections reveal to many problems or your loan is not approved.

11. I will schedule a Settlement date which will be coordinated with you and notify all parties to the transaction.

12. I will schedule with you a Final Walk thru Inspection to make sure all terms of the Sales Agreement are met and your New Home meets all your expectations.

13. I will review all closing costs before settlement to ensure all the financial aspects of your New Home are correct.

14. I will attend the Settlement with you!!!!!